12 roses…

Maret 30, 2009

Once there was a boy who gave a girl 12 roses, 11 real and one fake, then he  told her that he would love her until the last one wilts and dies…



Oh, time…

Maret 27, 2009

time-cut-2570Time is too slow for those who wait,

too fast for those who hustle,

too swift for those who fear,

too long for those who grieve,

too short for those who rejoice,

but for those who love,

time is eternity

Dreamers is a loser

Maret 25, 2009

Sometimes a DREAMERS…..

is a LOSER

Sometimes REALITY……

is not what it SEEMS

And sometimes a LOSER….



Sunshine & Moonlight

Maret 23, 2009

I love the sun for days…

I love the moon for nights…

I love you for ever….sunmoon

Hold me…

Maret 19, 2009

More than angry words I hate this silence
Its getting so loud
Well I want to scream
But bitterness has silenced these emotions
Its getting hard to breathe
So tell me isn’t happiness
Worth more than a gold diamond ring
I’m willing to do anything
To calm the storm in my heart
I’ve never been the praying kind
But lately I’ve been down upon my knees
Not looking for a miracle
Just a reason to believe

I might need you to hold me tonight
I might need you to say its alright
I might need you to make the first stand
Because tonight I’m finding it hard to be your man

Savage Garden

lllAs I close my eyes…

Darkness fills the air…

Solemn ambience everywhere…

Anomaly is what I feel

My skin is senseless…

My mind is useless…

My heart is helpless…

Maret 9, 2009

No one realizes the beauty of love, until you lose it….


The truth is….

Maret 9, 2009

Our eyes tell us what we want to believe,

but our heart tell us only the simple truth


Ti amo ( I Love you.. )

Je t'aime

Je t'aime

Miss U…#1

Maret 6, 2009

If I can’t hear your heart beat

you are too far away…

I miss U…

Ur hart beat

Ur hart beat

Kiss ‘n sworD

Maret 4, 2009



You may conquer the whole world with a sword,

but you will be conquered by a kiss